Finance Application

The Finance Application module gives the visitor a form to fill in to apply for finance (there is a long, 5 page form or a shorter, 1 page form to choose from). When they click the final “Submit” button, this application is sent directly through to the person who has been set up as the finance lead recipient at the dealership.

A finance calculator can also be added to this page. This gives the visitor a simple way of estimating their monthly repayments given different deposit amounts, interest rates, balloon payments and repayment periods (12 – 72 months).

A third option is to have the finance application form sent directly to Signio or Seriti. This option involves an extra monthly charge but has the advantage of giving the prospect a quicker answer to their finance application (approved or not). The staff at Signio/Seriti reply directly to the prospect, letting them know what steps to take to proceed.

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